About us.

Creative Vision Works serves the Lower Mainland of British Columbia through its base in North Vancouver.

Our success has come from working with passionate business owners and organizations who have a clear vision of where they are heading. We believe a close working relationship is built on the exchange of ideas in a team environment. We understand your goals and budget need to be put first so that the objective of the task is clear. Once we have reviewed your communication objectives the creative process begins where we focus on clarity and simplicity to achieve the desired results.

We have worked with many different sectors of the business community ranging from small to large, services to products and individuals to organizations. An area of great interest for us is woking with personal brands, sports & outdoor recreation companies/organizations.

No matter what your background is or the size of your project get in touch and we will see if we can help you achieve your goals or connect you with the people who can.

Creative Vision Works… Communicating Your Passion

René Boecking is the founder of Creative Vision Works and has been involved in the communication and design industry since 1989.

René’s love for art began when he was very young, he would spend countless hours drawing and sketching. As a teenager he also became very intrigued with technology including technical drawings. Graphic design was the solution where he could combine his interest in art and technology. Branding was a natural progression to his career as it provided the answers to creating great designs. All this combined helps him serve his clients needs by conveying visually who they are.

“Brands aren’t built overnight but with the right strategy and the commitment to see it through, together as a team we can impact your target audience and see your vision come to fruition.”